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My Background

I’ve lived in the Valley for 71 years. I graduated from Campbell HS 1968 & Ohio State University 1972. I started Corcon Inc, an industrial painting company, in 1976 working mostly on the East Coast on major Bridges; Verrazano, Walt Whitman, Ben Franklin, & others. I co-founded Advanced Recycling Systems, a company that specializes in manufacturing surface preparation equipment, in 1992. I co-produced a Painting Documentary called Bridge Brothers. I’ve chaired numerous national committees that involved infrastructure. I’ve written articles in trade journals & spoke at national conferences concerning the coating & corrosion industry. Currently, I am the proud co-owner of Penguin City Beer in downtown Youngstown.

Three Main Priorities that Affect our District 1.

Along with the local officials (state, county and city officials), I would work very hard to attract businesses to this area like Ultium Cells LLC as well as search for many more industries. From my position, I would augment their efforts and encourage businesses to reestablish themselves in our downtown cities just as Penguin Beer has, of which I am proudly a part of. 2. I would work with local officials to bring money to our communities to fund our public schools, and also with the universities for research to make our area a technology magnet for all companies so that we keep our young talent home and local. We need to build the foundation that will attract new businesses and new industries, as well as encourage and support entrepreneurship. 3. I would reach out to the thousand specialty industries and see how we can help them grow. Our location is prime real estate that can reach 40% of the US Population. For many U.S. Corporate Headquarters and U.S. manufacturing, capacity and reach is less than 500 miles away.

More about me and what I stand for.

I am pro-choice, pro-union, support immigration reform, decriminalizing drugs, public schools, gun control, expand Medicare, fair taxation, and [so important to all of us] serious environmental changes. With good legislation we can achieve badly needed climate change goals and create good jobs I did this in my industry and we can do it now. With good legislation we can be truly be energy independent and not rely on international corporations and countries with malevolent leaders that hold us hostage to oil. With good legislation we can strengthen a principal foundation of our democracy by guaranteeing voting rights for all. With good legislation we can guarantee that everyone in the country has equal rights including women and the right to choose. With good legislation we can provide an education for all children that would be the model for all the world – they are our future. Making America Great cannot be done by shouting three word slogans at carnival gatherings, it has to be done with good legislation.

This is who I am.

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