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I had a dream - more like a nightmare - few nights ago. I dreamt the Republicans took control of the

● We had Voting Police, like in Florida, where they spent over one million dollars and arrested about 20 people ... mostly people of color who had received voter registration cards and thought they had the right to vote. These Voter Police had one purpose -- intimidation and suppression. [By the way, we’ve always had laws to check voter rolls and prevent fraud, but Voter Police is more newsworthy].

● Gerrymandering continued to destroy our Democracy. To them, what better way to restrict voting? They eliminated entire precincts where mostly Democrats resided.

● Women had no reproductive choices. Republicans took away their driving privileges and Women were not allowed to leave the house without a male relative or take out a loan without a husbands consent.

● Social Security became privatized, then eliminated. Hard earned money all ended up invested in the stock market, which was controlled by the very rich.

● They repealed the Inflation Reduction Act. Industries went back to China, the tax code favored the rich, Clean Energy jobs and Lower Health Care Costs were eliminated.

● They repealed the American Rescue Plan - claiming it was too much money to spend on our roads and bridges.

● Gun Legislation was debated and debated and debated, but nothing was ever done. There was no need for permits, training or national registrations ... even teachers had to carry a gun. …It was like the Wild, Wild West.

● Gay marriages were annulled. Only Male and Female Christians were allowed to marry and all sex in the home, other than missionary, was was contraception.

● Taxes went down ... for the rich

● Taxes went up .... for the middle class.

● Unions were gone. Economic “slave” labor was the way of the land, making more profit for the rich.

● Freedom of the press was gone, most journalists were called liars and traitors ... unless they were on Fox News or Newsmax.

● The Fossil Fuel industry stopped OUR energy independence and made sure we were dependent on them.

● Public schools were gone. Privatized schools taught sanitized history approved by the party and a rightwing religious PTA. An uneducated public was easier to control.

● Clean air and water was talked about a lot, but nothing was done until everyone got sick or a movie was made about it ... and then quickly forgotten a month or so later.

● Health Care cost went up for us - the people.

● Health Care profits went up for them ... the Health Care companies.


● Kevin McCarthy became speaker of the house,

● Donald Trump did not pay taxes or go to jail,

● the National Guard became made up of Oath Keepers and Proud boys.

● Republicans impeached President Biden and Merrick Garland, and ended the Jan 6 investigation before reinstating Trump as President and King, … finally, Marjorie Taylor Greene had a committee assignment.

Of course, I woke up in a cold sweat and realized it was only a dream ... or was it?

This is not what I want for my country. Do you? Vote for Democrats!

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