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If It Benefits The General Public & American Families, They Say "NO"!

Louis G Lyras, October 15, 2022 ,

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Just say NO. Remember that Nancy Reagan line that didn't work then and still doesn't work today?

But that's the slogan many Republicans, including my opponent, are running on in 2022—and they’re not just referring to legalizing Cannabis.

Republicans are saying No to Voting Rights, No to Unions, No to Women Rights, No to reproductive freedom, No freedom of Choice, No to abortion access for victims of rape, incest, or women whose lives or health are at deadly risk.

They say No to Gay rights, No to Gun safety, No to Criminal Justice Reform, No to teaching History in schools, No to climate change and, not surprisingly, no to legalizing Cannabis, and No to protecting Social Security and Medicare,

They Just say NO because that is all they have.

If they gain control of Congress they will repeal the Inflation Reduction Act and reign in spending - Spending that the country needs. Spending that is helping American families and businesses.

Remember the self-proclaimed "grim reaper" of progressive legislation “Mitch McConnell? He stopped all of Obama's court appointees. He led Republicans as they blocked as much legislation as they could, even though they knew the bills they were killing would be good for the country.

If just say NO had been the guiding principle in 1956 the Interstate Hwy system would not have been built and America would be a much different and much poorer place. Imagine If we had said NO to landing a man on the moon, “pure folly" they said, the research that developed the computer technology we have today would never have been conducted. Progress is based on saying YES to things that move us forward as a community, as a State, as a Country.

I can go on and on. It's easy for them to Block everything and then blame it on "reckless" spending. Now inflation is conveniently being blamed on the Democrats!

So here is the truth about inflation. It affects all of us, and we all must understand why it is happening and not just blindly blame the other party to gain a political advantage. You must understand and acknowledge it before you can work on fixing it. And let it be known, that the whole world, not just the U.S. is experiencing inflation for the same reasons, even though that is not what the Republicans would like you to believe.

The rate of inflation is rising for many reasons, even economists don’t agree on them all. You know the saying, 5 Greeks in a room - 6 opinions. Well 5 economists in a room and you’ll have 7.

So, What are some undeniable reasons?

● the Covid Pandemic,

● Disruptions in the global supply chain,

● Putin’s war on Ukraine,

● Corporations making record profits, monopolizing markets, and engaging in price gouging

● the fossil fuel industry’s control over the world economy.

The Inflation Reduction Act, which passed Congress without Republican support, addresses many of these problems.

● Brings back manufacturing and industrial sector businesses and jobs from China.

● Makes the tax code fairer - a minimum 15% tax on large corporations.

● Frees the U.S from the dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels by promoting Solar, Wind, Hydrogen produced using Ohio’s and the nation’s bountiful supply of Natural Gas, and next generation nuclear power plants. This one step will strengthen our economy, create jobs, and reduce inflation.

I will not say "NO" to this act and many others, I will improve and build upon them.

This election we must elect ALL democrats. Our families and our Democracy is on the ballot!

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