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Julius Caesar destroyed the Roman Republic and Trump May Just Destroy America's

January, 4, 2021

Over two thousand years ago, Julius Caesar destroyed the Roman Republic and from then on, it took a brave group of men in 1787 to form another - our Republic. I cherish that Republic and the Constitution those men wrote that guaranteed our freedoms, especially freedom of the press.

The Postal Service was already tampered with by the President, and our Judicial Branch had to take action to prevent an even worse catastrophe. Covid-19 was not created by China or the Democrats, it is a dangerous virus that forced the every country on earth to change plans - even voting plans. And who cares about Jane Fonda anyway?

I mentioned Freedom of the Press (Ben Franklin was a newspaperman) because all the media, newspapers, publishing companies, traditional broadcasting companies, and cable news have a right to write and speak. Admittedly, each side will claim censorship was unfairly enforced. But as we learn to deal with these new technologies, our country (legislators) will come together to work out the problem and make it better.

There is no state that is represented sole by Democrats or Republicans. And they all tried their best to accommodate the flood of absentee and mail in ballots that were inevitable. At the county level hundreds of thousands of dedicated people followed the rules set forth by their respective legislators - D’s, R’s and I’s - and counted our ballots.

Yes, in every election since we’ve had elections there has been cheating and fraud, but those people are rooted out charged and imprisoned. Fortunately, all of these evil people, who are not patriots, are a minuscule minority and our election is the safest and fairest on earth.

The election was fair and our Republic is strong and will remain strong for another two thousand years.

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