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Rooting out Prejudice

by Louis Lyras

Dec 29, 2020

An article by, Dean Obeidallh, concerning the Nashville Bomber emphasizes an inherent bias many people in our country have toward Muslims. But this is not just Muslims it is a bias and disdain toward anyone who is “different” as in the color of a person’s skin, nationality, speaking with an accent, religion, sexual orientation, or they way they dress. It is a prejudice that is deeply rooted into the institutions that control our lives and society despite the countless number of laws to the contrary.

The Black Lives Matter movement brought this same issue into focus again this past Summer; where young black men and women were killed just walking alone at night or being pulled over for a traffic violation, parents worrying if their child is out with his friends and may not return home. The movement exposed a judicial system that is clearly hostile to the poor and people of a different color and favors the privileged.

We must over come this bias. But how? We must put a greater value on public (I stress public) education. We must explain to all that social media is not factual news and stop perpetuating lies on social platforms by simply clicking "Forward or Share." We need to see through the bombardment of partisan disinformation and hold officials accountable. We need to bolster the very institutions we created to keep all of these matters in check.

The greatest empires in the world were great because they embraced diversity, offered their citizens upward social mobility, and throughout history mankind kept moving toward equality until finally the words “All men are created equal” were written on 245 year old document that set us on that path. Let's not lose sight of that goal.

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