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The Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade Cast A Shadow Of Judicial Tyranny Over The Rights And Live

Lou Lyras

June 24, 2022

"Today’s Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturning Roe v. Wade cast the shadow of judicial tyranny over the rights and lives of American women. The five unelected, unaccountable justices who voted to ignore 50 years of legal precedent destroyed a woman’s right to control her body, her fertility, and her life.

Their decision must not stand. As the next Congressman from the 6th District of Ohio, I will co-sponsor, vote, and fight for passage of the Women’s Health Protection Act which will codify and protect the right to choose. Bill Johnson, like every Republican in the House of Representatives, voted against this essential legislation on September 21, 2021. That vote alone speaks volumes about his disdain for women and for liberty.

Today’s decision was a setback, but it also marks the first day in the battle to protect our mothers, our wives, our daughters, and granddaughters. I am committed to carrying on and winning the war for reproductive freedom. "

Justices who voted to overturn Roe vs Wade: Samuel A. Alito Jr., Brett M. Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Neil M. Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett.

The ban on abortions is anti-American, anti-women, and simply dangerous. These bills and laws being pushed by members of the GOP ban abortions from as early as conception to less than 6 weeks are simply an attack on women. Certain Republicans are jumping over themselves to pass laws (with some already successfully passed) that make almost all abortions illegal regardless of if the pregnancy is due to rape or incest, as well as, also allow civilians to file lawsuits against those who assist in any way, perform or seek an abortion. There will be no defense or exceptions. There is a bill in Missouri that would ban abortions where the fertilization occurred outside the uterus and which would be extremely dangerous if not terminated.

The choice, one that should be a woman’s personal and private one, is no longer up to that woman. Because of this, all women will suffer, especially the poor who cannot afford to secretly fly or drive out of state to have an abortion. For most women, they will be forced to deliver a baby, or they will simply resort to dangerous illegal “back alley” or self conducted abortions, which will leave many of them severely harmed or dead. How is any of this right? American women fought for the right to choose and won, which was decided almost a half century ago by the Supreme Court during Roe Vs Wade, only to have it taken away by a small group of people who feel their personal beliefs should be everyone’s beliefs … and now they’ve succeeded.

For clarity, let’s examine these shortsighted laws a little further. At conception, a woman will not know she’s pregnant. To discover if she is, she must take a pregnancy test. However, in this misguided effort to take a woman’s rights away, the state can restrict access to these pregnancy tests, or only allow them to be given to legally married women with her husband present. After all, according to these anti-abortionists, why would an unmarried woman want a pregnancy test, but to terminate a pregnancy?

And to be clear, these people are also pushing bills that would ban any and all contraception use. The morning after pill? That would only be given, or not given at all, under a doctor’s supervision and these Republican legislators would write a lot of rules to keep the morning after pills from being issued. Contraception? Spermicide? As stated in several bills being considered, all contraception falls under preventing pregnancy or killing a fetus and therefore will be restricted if they have their way. You can begin to see how impossible they are trying to make it for women.

And there is more. Ultrasound scans? That too could be banned, the same way they were banned in China under the one child rule. Without ultrasound scans, fetuses that have severe developmental problems could then go undetected leaving the woman and child to suffer an entire lifetime. Unless you’re legally married and want a child, the only solution is complete abstinence. Anything else could leave a woman imprisoned, dead, or miserably living a life they hadn’t asked for. That would be the real crime.

When does this end? It won’t. The protection that Roe afforded has been overturned by the Supreme Court. Republicans have their way …. Today, in many states, from the day a woman conceives, she has no rights but must carry the baby, even un-viable pregnancies, to full term. That will be the law. This is beyond wrong.

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