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What is Critical Race Theory, What Critical Race Theory Is Not & Why It Matters?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Lou Lyras

Nov 4, 2021

What is Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (CRT) was an intellectual study coined by scholar Kimberle’ Crenshaw that examined how American racism (including slavery) has shaped politics, public policy, the legal system, The Banking industry as well as how it all has led to subgroups which separate Black American (and in some cases Latino, Asian and indigenous peoples) from White (so called “true” American) Citizens. CRT also examines how racism has been used to oppress and exploit people of color as well as maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially Black Americans.

What Critical Race Theory is not

Critical Race Theory is not the practice of teaching true, hidden and omitted American history in schools (which is something that should be done) nor is it something designed to divide people or make Black people hate and despise white people.Republicans are weaponizing the term as a way to protect white supremacist, propaganda and so called Patriotic school carriculums that teach that all inventions, all heroes, and all accomplishments are due to the white race. The Republican argument is that if Schools taught the uncomfortable truths (the horrors, the abuses, the mistreatments, and the massacres) of racism and prejudices throughout American History or how Black People and others have been catorized as subhuman it would divide the people racially and make White kids feel bad. The Republican message is also that it will rewrite history with the sole intention of minimizing White people, thus making it unpatriotic in their minds.

Why It Matters.

Its a fact, and not a theory, that slavery and racism has shaped politics, policy, the legal system (from the Police to the courts), the banking system (which has for generations refused home loans, business loans and personal loans to Black People), and so much of American life. For generations children of color have been taught that they are less then, less heroic, less intelligent, less accomplished and worse. They are not taught that successful Black communities had been burned down, flooded, fell victim to Eminent Domain or of the many massacre done out of hate as well as to stop progress and as a way to keep (mostly)black people in their place. They are not taught of all the Heroes and trailblazers nor taught of all the inventions, innovations and accomplishments of people of color. That history has been whitewashed, hidden, omitted or simply changed to benefit the White supremacist narative.

This is how history has been written forever. History is defined by who writes it. It’s why Black History only revolves around oppression and the civil rights movement, and omits everything else.

Understanding the difference between CRT and The teaching of true American history is critical.America can’t be allowed to silence the truth so to protect White feelings and ego. America can’t be allowed to silence the truth to protect “privilege”. America can’t be allowed to silence truth to protect a white supremacist narrative and agenda. This is exactly why The term CRT is being weaponized and it has to stop. Everyone deserves to be and feel represented. This is also how you end racism…by teaching all history and all seeing how they fit into the “American Story” through teaching that no one is superior and no one is less than.

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