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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Lou Lyras

May 19, 2021

Why are they smiling? These Republican “legislators” (using the term loosely) took away a woman’s constitutional right to choose for herself what to do with their own bodies. Even in the case of rape or incest, a woman or a young girl has no choice in the matter. Many in those cases won’t even discover they are pregnant until after 6 weeks, yet if they discover they are, there is nothing they can do about it other than carry and deliver that seed. The “why” a woman chooses to have an abortion should be no ones business but that woman’s. Not if that woman finds herself pregnant yet wants to pursue a career, nor if she knows that she cannot afford to take care of children, nor if she simply does not want to have children. Her body, her choice, or at least that is how it should be. That will no longer be the case in Texas, and soon to be, other states. These “legislators” have decided that a woman has no voice nor say. They made the decision for them.

I wonder how men would feel if that law were imposed upon them? What if there was a law that said that any man that gets a woman pregnant who is not their wife, shall be fined or arrested. Even better, what if there was a law that states if a woman is six weeks or more pregnant, The sperm “donor” regardless of if they are in the woman’s life or not, must immediately begin paying child support or go to jail, with no one having a say but the courts. Those laws would never happen or even be discussed, why?, because they affect men and their lives. These archaic legislators only want the return of an 1800s mentality where men control all actions of women. Just another part of an archaic agenda being pushed by Republicans.

These Texas Republican legislators, with Governor Abbott at the forefront, didn’t stop there, they also empowered private citizens, to sue, stalk and even hunt people down anyone who helps these women get an abortion after the “heart beat” is detected, even if these “vigilantes” are not connected to that pregnant woman or impacted financially or otherwise…and to make it more appealing, the vigilante gets a $10,000 reward; Texas style.

For clarity, a fetal heart is not a heart. It doesn’t look like a heart and there are no chambers pumping blood. You cannot put your ear close and hear a thump thump sound because it is embryonic cells that will develop into a heart many, many weeks after. At six weeks the 1/8 inch fetus cannot live on it’s own and is entirely dependent on the woman – and I stress the word dependent. Now what? Are we dependent on an extremely conservative Supreme Court that was appointed by Donald Trump and a GOP party determined to overturn Roe vs Wade as well as determined to take away a woman’s right to choose? Are we to deny people the right to vote by deliberately restricting access to the ballot box? Are we to endure legislative gridlock while the world is literally burning around us? Are we to watch our democracy die by a GOP party, the majority who fear Trump, that is determined to undermine our democracy by spreading lies about the election?

The answer is “no.” It must be “NO!” But this will take work by voting. All elections are important and it is important that every citizen not only vote in major elections but vote in ALL elections. Find out what’s on the ballot. Learn the rules about voting (unfortunately the GOP is making it harder) and vote. Study the candidates; what do they stand for. And vote at the city level, county level, state and federal level. Vote or your rights will be taken away. These are not alarmist statements, we are witnessing it in real time all over the country. Turning a blinds eye is no different than being complicit. VOTE!We must put an end to the 1800s agenda and take away those wicked Republican smiles.

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